5 Simple and Awesome Pallet Furniture Ideas with Instructions

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For multiple good reasons an increasing amount of people are choosing more and more diy pallet furniture when arranging the interior of their homes. Choosing your own material and building with it, gives you the advantage of freedom in design and creativity. Especially pallets come in various forms and colors thus making each pallet furniture piece even more unique. Most importantly their use is sustainable for our environment since they were most often used before in fabrics or warehouses. When it comes to pallet furniture, there are many great and easy Do- it- yourself projects that you can choose from. Here are a few simple beginner friendly ideas:

Garden Path

DIY Pallet Garden PathFor this DIY you need to take your pallets apart by removing the nails with a claw hammer. Now plan out your garden path and form it with the wood planks from your pallets.

You can nail several planks together underneath again, or you can simply lay them out as your garden path and press them down into the soil. Either way works well.

Pallet Furniture – Beds

DIY Pallet Bed FurnitureThis might be the most known and easiest pallet furniture: the trendy pallet bed as seen many times on Instagram or Pinterest. Depending on the bedsize and height you want you need to just place a certain amount of pallets on the ground.

Additionally you can form a headboard for the bed by simply putting two or three pallets vertically against the wall.

After putting the bedframe together lay on a thick mattress and your bedding. To make your new bed extra cozy you can tape on LED- light stripes on the undersurface or sides of the pallets. Feel free to create a calm place for a restful sleep and sweet dreams!

Pallet Furniture – Signs

DIY Pallet Signs This next idea might not necessarily be called furniture but would beautifully completed the pallet furniture in your room. You can paint the pallet as a whole for a cool barnyard type sign, or you can take the pallet apart and use the planks for single signs.

Such signs may say positive affirmations such as “Hope, Happiness, Home Sweet Home, Welcome” and many more. Be creative and feel free to express your feelings and wishes for your home in your own decorative art. It’s all up to you what your signs say and further manifest in your safe place.

When your friends and family come over for a visit they will love them and be asking you to make them some unique creative signs as well. Despite that this is also a stylish and thoughtful present at a housewarming party or simply for another special event.

Book Case

DIY Pallet BookcaseFirst remove the nails from your pallets and stack your wood to see what you have. Now using your wood create a designer bookcase for your living room or a bedroom.

The bookshelf can be large or small depending on how many pallets you are using. Don’t forget that you can stain the final project or paint it. Alternatively you can just simply decorate your shelf with plants or accessoires as seen on our example.


Take your pallet apart and remove all nails. Now lay out your resulting boards and design a planter using the pallet wood.

You can make several boards tall and design it to be square or rectangular. Give it a sturdy bottom and sides by securing everything well. You’re now ready to plant in your new planter.

DIY Pallet Furniture Ideas

Whatever pallet furniture you choose to make with your pallet wood, be sure that you remove all nails to prevent any injuries. Always wear safety gear when using tools.

Keep in mind that if you can effortlessly imagine the project, you can also build it. There are many great resources online for DIY pallet projects for anyone that wishes to make them. Especially we would recommend you to do these pallet furniture DIYs together with friends and family since it’s even more fun to build together and with multiple creative minds even greater designs can be achieved!


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