7 Simple Pallet Wood Projects to enhance your Home’s Interior

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Are you thinking about starting a DIY craft business, or do you simply enjoy working on DIY projects as a hobby? Whatever your goals are, there are simple pallet wood projects that you can create for yourself, friends, family or even to sell.

Creatively using pallets in DIY craft projects have gained popularity over the past few years. One reason this type of wood project is trending is because there are many different decorations and items that can be created from pallets.

Pallets are nothing more than wood that has been leftover. By using them to create pallet wood projects, you can create a craft that is not only beautiful, but it is also Eco-friendly. If you decide to sell some of your crafts, you may be excited to learn that there are easy pallet projects that can be completed over the weekend.

So, grab your tools and start creating your unique crafts.

Pallet Bookshelf

Do you need additional space for your books? Instead of piling them in a box, or buying an expensive bookshelf from the store, you can use pallets to create a rustic and functional bookshelf.

The first thing that you will need to do is create a draft of the bookshelf. Although this does not have to be an architect quality drawing, it will be helpful in helping you decide the number of shelves you want, the height you want and other specifics.

You will then need to disassemble the pallets and begin to measure the planks before cutting them. You can sand the pieces for a smoother finish. Then simply nail the pieces together to create the base, the shelves and the top. A quick search on YouTube can give you many more styles that may strike your fancy like the one below.

How to build a simple book shelf from pallet wood by Saulty Texas


Many of these require only scrap wood and what you can find lying around the place! There’s nothing stopping you upping the quality or producing a few different types of each to test and improve your skills and workmanship. If you are looking to turn this into a side hustle that is! for a few more considerable ideas you cans start out with recycled scraps see our blog on amazing wood decoration ideas.

Rustic Pumpkins

When the first chill of air arrives, people start to think about fall and the holidays. What better way to welcome the change of seasons than with a rustic pumpkin decoration made from pallets? Not only are they simple to make, this is one pumpkin you do not have to throw away once the season is over.

These pumpkins crafted out of leftover pallets will look stunning and natural when you combine stained wood scraps with scraps that have a weathered look.

Click Here for an in depth guide using some scrap wood from Shiplap and Shells!


Got a study, man-cave or bedroom to add some colour to? From your favourite sports team to the good old-fashioned flag of your country why not use pallet wood as your canvas!

Utilise the natural colour of the timber to contrast different parts of the flag, cut and complete the jigsaw or simply make a flat surface to paint on. You could even experiment with wood burning to achieve the darker colours and textures. Be safe and dont play with fire though! An intro to wood burning from one of my wood working inspirations here and some flag ideas here.

Shaved Headboards/Bed Platforms

Furniture pallet shows just how powerful recycled wood can create a design that is rich in beauty. If you want to upgrade your bedroom, you can do so with a shaved pallet headboard. The addition of lights to the headboard will create a mystic, yet romantic vibe to the room.

You can also use entire pallets to serve as a platform for your bed. This platform can also perform double duty as a storage space for books and linens.

Corner Coat Rack

The corners of a room are often empty because this often appears to be a space that is null. However, if you find yourself of interior space, then the corners of your home can be utilized to increase the practical value of your home.

A DIY corner coat rack made from pallets can be placed near entrances, in hallways or any other of the home.

There are an abundance of easy pallet wood projects that you can complete to completely transform the interior of your home, give away as gifts or to sell for extra cash. No matter your skill level, you can let your creative juices flow and create a unique piece.

Coffee Table

What a neat size the standard pallet is! A quick re-arrange of the slats can give you a flat sturdy top to paint or stain to your liking. Stack a couple pallets or work on your skills disassembling another pallet to make some legs at a height that suits you.

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